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The Start of a New Adventure

So I’ve been wanting to blog for a long time now. I honestly think it started about ten years ago. That was around the time I really got into photography. I was learning so many things. I learned how to manually control a DSLR camera. I started exploring more and seeing new parts of the world. I wanted to share everything I could with anybody I knew. If I thought all of these new things in my life were exciting, surely other people would too. 

But I didn’t know how to share it all. I’ve been using Instagram for a while. I recently tried getting back into Facebook. I would post photos from my adventures and write about what I experienced, but it felt very limiting. While most people I knew, and followed, were posting photos of themselves with short descriptions, there I was, posting long stories about my experiences on a single post, hoping somebody would read it. 

I have heard of numerous people who are creating travel blogs. It seems like that’s the thing nowadays. Every person in their 20’s and 30’s is trying to travel around the world and blog about it. People are living that “van life” and traveling across the country. If I started writing about my traveling life, would anybody care? Would I just be noise in a saturated world of other people who already have such a head start on me? 

If I started blogging, would I be able to keep up with it? I feel like most people say they’re going to blog and start strong, only to quickly back off and give up. Would I be the same way? I have had a tendency in the past to start something and quickly change my mind towards something else.

I also don’t know the first thing about blogging or making money through blogging. I have read countless articles about blogging and how to be successful, and it all looks so distant. It feels like there’s a thousand steps in between me writing my first post and getting to a point where people know who I am. 

But having said all that, I want to give it a shot. It’s been nearly ten years in the making, but I’m ready to try and take that journey. Whether it’s posting every day or every week, I want to start sharing my stories. Sharing stories means opening up my life a little, which I’ve never been very good at doing. But I’m hoping this will be a fun and exciting opportunity to share life from my perspective. 

I have lots of stories to share. I am going to try and mix up this blog between travel posts, along with photography advice. I’m no master at any of this, but I can at least guarantee I will be myself. 

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