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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We can set up custom payment plans based on your needs. The retainer is due a week after your invoice and contract are sent over, and that gets deducted from your balance. The remaining balance can be split up into payments, due up to a week before your wedding date.


Do you offer both photography and videography for my wedding?

We do! For some of our couples, we shoot only photography or videography. For others, we do both! 



Who shoots my wedding?

When we are shooting only photography or videography, Laura and I will be shooting your wedding together. If we are shooting both photography and videography, we have a few people who work with us on weddings that cater in both photography and videography. These people are on similar skill sets and have the same styles as us. Typically, I am the main photographer for these weddings and Laura is the main videographer. Those that work with us are shooting secondary.




If the weather is bad on my wedding day, can I get drone footage refunded?

Yes! We totally understand that weather is unpredictable and we do not feel good about charging somebody for a service that we don’t end up providing. We will keep an eye on the weather leading up to your wedding and try to make a call before the final payment is due. If the weather changes for the worst on the day of the wedding, we will reimburse money paid.


How many edited images do I receive?

The final amount of edited photos will vary from wedding to wedding. As a general rule of thumb, we typically produce about 70-80 images per hour while shooting. For a ten hour day, this should be around 700-800 edited images. 


How long until I receive my photos/videos?

For both photography and videography, we estimate a 6-8 week turn around time. For both photography and videography, we send out a sneak peek within 24-48 hours after the wedding.


Do you edit out wrinkles and blemishes?

We do not. For a few photos, we may make some more detailed edits, but overall this is not something we do. We will try our best to notice and fix anything we can before we take photos, but to go through each individual photo with that much detail will add a considerable amount of time to editing and is not something we would be able to sustain.


What is the style of your work?

We consider our work to be natural and true to life. We love colors and contrast. We are no strangers to playing with lighting or asking a couple to go outside for sunset. We don’t apply filters to any of our photos. Our style isn’t exactly considered bright and airy and it is not dark and moody. It takes advantage of your venue’s features and atmosphere.



Can you provide my venue with a certificate of insurance?

Of course! We are fully insured for events and have no problem sending over a copy if your venue requests it.

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