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5 Songs Guaranteed to Fill the Dance Floor

This year, our goal is to create some more content for our blog. I’ve been outlining some blog articles, but I wanted to start the year by posting something a little more light hearted and fun. I had a cool idea of posting our favorite wedding reception songs. Now, this isn’t just what Laura and I think are the best songs that play during a wedding reception. These are the songs that get everybody on the dance floor and pumped up every single time they play. There are a lot of songs that do this and I mean, a lot! However I wanted to keep the list relatively short so here are the top 5 songs that Laura and I find will get everyone out there on the dance floor.

5. I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Whitney Houston

Released: 1987

When this song initially came out on Whitney Houston’s second album, it received mixed reviews. Critics thought she was playing it too safe. Fast forward to today and it’s one of the key songs everybody on the dance floor equally loves dancing to. It does a great job keeping the energy high and those 80’s synths evoke a little bit of nostalgia. Fun fact: this is Laura's favorite to hear at weddings!

4. Mr. Brightside

The Killers

Released: 2003

This song might take the top spot for creating energy on the dance floor. This is the song that everybody not only dances to, but sings along to. This is one of the songs where the DJ turns the music off to hear everybody else chanting along. When the Mr. Brightside first came out, The Guardian wrote that this song will be “blasted out at every party or wedding you’ll attend for the rest of your life.” They were right.

3. Don't Stop Believin'


Released: 1981

Like the first song on our list, this song has become so rooted in pop culture that it’s hard to find somebody who hasn’t heard it. This song is typically played towards the end of the reception and its nostalgic vibe and warmth creates such a great sense of connection.

2. Shut Up and Dance

Walk the Moon

Released: 2014

A relatively new song in DJ and band lineups, this song is a real bop. It perfectly combines older sound architecture from bands like U2 and ups the pacing and energy. This song will typically play in the middle of the reception to keep the energy going. This might be my favorite song played by a live band at a wedding. The 2:19 mark gives the band a great opportunity to connect with everybody on the dance floor before the music kicks back into full swing. You know when this song starts the dance floor is going to be filled with energy.

1. September

Earth, Wind, & Fire

Released: 1978

If there’s any song that’s guaranteed to play at a wedding, it’s September. This song has become so engrained in pop culture that it’s nearly impossible to find somebody who doesn’t recognize it. Everybody on the dance floor is going to know this song. Also considering the fact that this song was released 45 years ago means multiple generations will be familiar with September. Also taking into consideration the amount of instruments and layers in this song, many bands love playing this song. This one is definitely a classic and has stood the test of time.

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