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Photo of the Week 4/19/21

Shutter Speed: 1/80

Aperture: f4.0

ISO: 400

Camera: Canon 5D Mark IV

Lens: Canon EF 24-70 f4.0

I haven't written a Photo of the Week post in a long time but with all these wedding photos I've been editing, I thought it would be a great opportunity to shed some light on one of my favorite ring shots. I took this photo back in 2018 and, at the time, didn't have a lot of experience with wedding photography. I was a second shooter for a friend and I was with the groom trying to fill some time taking photos while the bride finished getting ready. He had both his and hers rings on him and I asked if I could spend a few minutes taking photos of the rings. I looked around the room trying to find a great composition. I saw a plant sitting near a window and loved the natural light coming through.

I took a wedding invitation that I had and placed the rings on top of it in a way that would show as much detail in the rings as possible. I put my lens in its macro mode to create a really shallow depth of field so the viewer can focus on the rings. I lined up the rings with one of the hanging branches of the plant to make it look like the plant leaf in the background is directing your eyes towards the rings.

I think it is the balance between the depth of field and the colors that give it the cinematic look I love so much. The lighting and the styling of this shot still makes it one of my favorites. As I continue taking more wedding photos this year, I'll be sure to share them and provide some insight on my thought process behind them!

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