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Maria and Bobby's Wedding

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

This past Saturday, we had the opportunity to finally capture Maria and Bobby’s wedding and it was amazing!

Maria reached out to us last year about her wedding on June 25th and wanted us to be her videographers. She mentioned to us that the wedding reception was really important to her and she really wanted us to capture all her friends and family having a great time together. We loved the idea and connected really well with her.

This wedding was pretty unique for us because the reception was located at Resorts Casino in Atlantic City. We haven’t shot a wedding at a casino before so we were excited about how everything was going to unfold.

The day started early. Maria was getting ready at her house in Sicklerville, New Jersey, while the groom, Bobby, was getting ready at his parents’ house about ten minutes away. The drive for us was about an hour and a half away, so we took one car. I dropped Laura off to capture Maria, while I made the trip down the road to film Bobby.

Bride and Flowers Closeup

Through a little bit of a mixup, I ended up taking some photos in addition to video of Bobby and the groomsmen. We did some stylized shots of him getting ready and then we took group photos inside in a few different locations. Soon after, the party bus came to pick them up and bring them to the church. While the guys were getting picked up, I drove back over to Maria’s house to meet up with Laura and the photographers. I made it just in time to help capture the first look between Maria and her dad. Soon after, the party bus came to pick up the bridesmaids and then we were all on to the church.

Bride and Father First look

Bride and father first look New Jersey

Once we arrived at the church, everything went really quick. We had about five minutes to set up and capture everybody walking down the aisle. The ceremony was a full mass and we used two cameras to capture everything from Maria being handed off to Bobby by her dad, to a kiss after being declared husband and wife.

Bride and Groom Church Ceremony

After the ceremony, we made the drive down to Resorts Casino. Because it was in the middle of the day on a Saturday, we did get stuck in a little bit of traffic but we arrived the same time as everybody else so it all worked out. We parked in the Resorts Casino parking deck (which was pretty difficult maneuvering with a pickup truck - I was terrified the whole time). We first met up with the bridal party in the lobby of the casino before heading over to Steel Pier to take photos.

On the way to Steel Pier, we all stopped at a Craps table and staged some shots of Maria and Bobby playing. In all the years of shooting weddings, this is the first time we filmed (or photographed) anything in a casino. Once we made it outside, Maria and Bobby received endless applause and congratulations from beach-goers as they walked down the boardwalk. I felt like the paparazzi as I followed them with my camera.

Bride and groom Atlantic City New Jersey

Bride and groom gambling

Bride and Groom Atlantic City Boardwalk

Steel Pier was really cool. It had a lot of amusement rides along with picturesque views of the ocean. As the photographers and Laura took photos and videos of the bridal party against an ocean backdrop, I walked around and took some videos of the atmosphere on the pier.

Atlantic City Boardwalk

Bride and Groom on Carousel Atlantic City

Bride and Groom Kissing Boardwalk

After pictures and videos on the pier, we went back to Resorts Casino and toured the reception ballroom with Maria and Bobby before taking a quick break before cocktail hour. We took some videos of the ballroom and all the details. Out of everything in the room, I'd have to say the kid's table was the place to be and the cake had the most amazing little touch.

Kid's Table Wedding Reception

Wedding Cake Closeup

Cocktail hour was really nice. There was an ice sculpture in the middle of a grazing table with different selections of meats and cheeses. There were also a few pasta stations in addition to food being passed around. I noticed they even had lobster rolls being passed around (yum).

Maria and Bobby had told us the reception meant a lot to them because it was the chance for everybody in the family to party and have a really good time connecting with each other, and it did not disappoint. There were confetti canons and bridal party members drinking from shoes and this was only a few minutes in to the reception. I’d say this was the biggest, most energetic reception we have shot so far and it would only make sense that it would take place in Atlantic City. I don’t know if words can describe the energy at the reception, so I’ll put up a couple video screenshots below to help illustrate it.

Wedding Reception Drinking

Wedding Reception Party

Wedding Reception Dancing Resorts Casino

Wedding Reception Party Selfie

Bride and Groom DJ

We had a great time with Maria and Bobby and are honored to have had the chance to capture such an important day for them. We wish them the happiest future together and can’t wait to start editing everything together for them!

(All of the screenshots above are stills from video and may not reflect the final edited product.)

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