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Closing Out The Year

It’s been a little while since I blogged. Earlier in the year, I set out to revamp my website and make it more approachable to people wanting to learn more about me and what I do. Throughout the past few years, I always treated my website as secondary to social media. I would spend most of my time posting content on Instagram and Facebook as I traveled and did shoots. This year, I motivated myself to expand and really start putting more emphasis on my love for photography and video. This started with re-building my website a few months ago and implementing a blog. I wanted to give some personality to my online persona and give myself a chance to talk about what was on my mind.

I have also been spending the last few months adding more structure to my photo/video business. I have been adding polish to certain aspects of my business where there used to be none. I have worked on my confidence as well. I feel more comfortable positioning pricing and adding input on projects.

With all this business-y work, I haven’t been able to focus as much on creative projects. This was the first year in three years where I didn’t release a Christmas film for my YouTube channel. It was actually the first year in general where I didn’t release any creative films at all. Half of that was because of Covid and half was because it was just so difficult to allocate any time for it. But I really do hope to spend some time next year putting more effort into that. Those videos were a chance to experiment and grow my knowledge on video techniques.

Next year is going to be an interesting year. For the first time, I actually have a lot of shoots already booked. Two of those shoots are out of state, so it will definitely be an adventure. Probably like most people, I’m hoping to be able to travel a little more. I really want to plan out a road trip for real this coming summer. I have this grand idea of shooting video and documenting all the states I’ve been to and creating a really epic travel video. Hopefully next year at this time I can be writing about that.

Having said all that, I guess there wasn’t a huge point to this post. I just felt like I haven’t written in a while and just wanted to get back to it one last time before this year closes out. I do want to say a huge thank you to everybody who has subscribed to this website and has reached out to me about doing shoots. I finally feel like all my work and effort has some forward momentum and obviously I couldn’t do that by myself. So thank you again to everybody who has supported me; it means the world. I’ll see you next year!


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