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Adventure. It’s one word worth many different meanings. What does adventure mean to you? Does adventure equate to getting in a car and driving hours to go on a hike? Does adventure require you to get on a plane and travel to a remote area of the world? Or is adventure the opportunity to just break away from the normalcies of life?

For years, I’ve been trying to understand what this word means to me. Why do I get up in the morning and push myself to break the boundaries of reality? What is that underlying drive?

Somebody once told me I’ll never feel like I’m growing unless I step outside of my comfort zone. That phrase has really stuck with me over the years. I like the idea of constantly moving forward. I like knowing that I’m a different person than I was the day before. And by saying that, I don’t mean my core values are different, but my perspective on the world; seeing and knowing things I didn’t know the day before. 

To me, that’s the definition of adventure. To push yourself in ways that you normally wouldn’t. This could be anything. It could be taking a trip somewhere or just getting out of the house. It could be picking up that pencil and touching it to some paper. It could be sharing an experience with people closest to you. 

I have spent the last couple years creating adventures, and this is what I want to dive into a little deeper. The places I decide to visit, or the things that I decide to do, all revolve around the idea of growing and making myself uncomfortable (most of the time- sometimes I just want to relax. Sometimes).

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