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New Jersey Wedding Photography and Videography

Natural and timeless memories to last more than a lifetime.

 "I felt the video process was very natural. Justin and Laura didn’t make our wedding party run through a field or instruct us to do anything, they let it all come naturally."


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New Jersey Wedding Rings Closeup Photo

 "Justin and Laura somehow managed to be everywhere at once without feeling like they were interrupting the natural flow of the day."


New Jersey Wedding Photographer

About Us

We are two adventure seekers with a love for capturing memories. We met each other nearly four years ago through an app on our phones. We messaged each other for a month before even going on our first date. But once we started spending time together, we were inseparable. We both had our own photo/video businesses before we met, but decided to combine our efforts into one business. Nothing excites us more than capturing stories of love.

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