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Nothing Beats a Great First Look_edited.

Your special day will go by faster than you can say “cheese”. A wedding photographer’s responsibility lies further than just taking snapshots of the day. They’re there to capture a memory that will only happen once in a lifetime. 

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Whether you choose video or photo, you’ll have Clean cinematic shots that make it look like your day is right out of the movies


Our photos and videos don’t necessarily adhere to a specific editing style. Instead, we take advantage of the light and atmosphere of a location and make sure we capture it the best way we can. This gives each shoot a unique look and feel to highlight what makes you and your venue special.

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At our core, we are storytellers. We love using our cameras to capture moments. Everything from putting on the dress, to walking down the aisle, to even getting photos of uncle marvin partying after a few extra drinks, we want to capture the day as sincerely as possible.  There are many stories to be told throughout life. But, by far, our favorite stories to tell are love stories. 

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We shoot photos and videos in the tri-state area but are not shy when it comes to traveling. We have shot weddings in Rhode Island, Costa Rica and, just recently, key west. We’re always looking for an opportunity to pack our bags and come share the moment with you in a beautiful location.

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