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(…is this what blogging is like? Write a couple posts, get caught in daily life, and don’t get enough time to log what’s on my mind?…)

So I’ve been working on some new content, which is apparently taking me forever to write. In the meantime, I thought I’d write a quick article about sunrises and sunsets. I’ve been listening to a lot of Coldplay lately. They came out with a new album a few months ago called Everyday Life. The album is split into two parts. The first half, called Sunrise, opens with strings both somber and hopeful. It is meant to be a reflection of the world around us. The second half, called Sunset, is about moving on and growing to a better tomorrow. One of the lyrics from the last song, titled Everyday Life, says “Everyone falls, everybody dreams and doubts/ Got to keep dancing when the lights go out”. 

I’ve always seen sunrises and sunsets in a similar way. Living on the east coast and being able to see the sun come up over the horizon has always been a unique experience; standing on the beach, where once everything was dark and quiet. And then everything starts getting a little brighter and warmer. Seeing the glowing sun come up over the horizon, and watching the seagulls fill the sky. The low roar of the waves crashing on the store. It’s the start of another day; the start of new experiences.

Sunsets have always been a beautiful close to the day, like a graceful end to another chapter. Whether I’ve had a nice day, or a really challenging one, having an opportunity to see the sky glowing different shades of orange and yellow never seems to disappoint me.

So I didn’t want this article to be too text heavy like some of my last. I gathered some of my favorite sunrise and sunset pictures and posted them below. Hopefully you will find the photos as magical as they looked in real life when I had the chance to experience them.



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