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Rachel and Christian's Proposal

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Here is the backstory: Rachel and Justin had worked at the Apple store together for a while. She has always been great at promoting his business and trying to get him work. Imagine our surprise when he received an email from her boyfriend, Christian, asking to shoot their engagement!

Christian and Justin went back and forth discussing his plan for the proposal. He wanted to take Rachel on a dinner cruise around the Statue of Liberty. Initially we thought we would be hidden, but quickly realized that trying to hide two people with huge cameras on a small boat was not possible.

Fast forward to the day of the shoot. From what they told us, Rachel had been questioning Christian about if he was going to propose. He told her that initially he was going to, but he didn’t like the ring so he sent it back, but he had already hired us, so we were all just going to go on a double date around the Statue of Liberty and then going out for a fancy dinner.

We met up with Rachel and Christian in New York at the boat. We were the first ones on and got a prime spot in the back of the boat. As more and more people got on the boat, we realized we would probably have to switch up our plan. Christian had all of his bases covered and had already spoken with the maitre d’ of the ship, so they knew it was going to happen. On a bathroom break, Christian spoke to her again and they decided to move them to the front of the boat as we passed the New York City skyline.

Once we got moved to the front, Christian couldn’t wait anymore. He got right down on one knee and asked the love of his life to marry him. Rachel’s expression was priceless! She couldn’t believe it! There were some other people on the front of the boat with us, and it was so cool to hear them all cheering for them.

After the cruise, we went to Harbor Bar and View in Weehawken, where Christian surprised Rachel with her friends and family. It was really such a fun night!

Congratulations Rachel and Christian!!!

Check out some of the photos we took below.

New York City Proposal

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